Binance Google Authenticator
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There are very few exchanges which take security seriously for the digital exchange. But binance provides you the facility of Binance Google Authenticator.

Coinbase Failed To Verify
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When you are using the coinbase you have to go through various verification processes. And there can be instances when Coinbase Failed To Verify them. What are those instances and what could be the reason behind them?

How To Use Gemini Account?
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Gemini exchange is one of the popular exchanges in the world which came into the market in 2015. The main reason behind it being popular is the Winklevoss twins who sued the owner of Facebook for stealing the idea.

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Jaxx supported coins

Jaxx supported coins

Trading the cryptocurrency is never easy and storing them is even harder than trading. So if you are keeping the cryptocurrency then it is something from where chances of theft are equal to none. For that, you can always take the help of the wallets. Jaxx is one of those examples which can be used by you to store the cryptocurrency. But before that, you might be thinking that which are the Jaxx Supported coins.

Jaxx Wallet

In recent time, Jaxx is the wallet which was in news but you should not judge it on that only. Jaxx is one of the ambitious platforms which has the aim of getting access to all the major cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the compelling features of the Jaxx Wallet:

  • Cross-platform pairing.
  • Multi-coin support.
  • Integration of ShapeShift, an exchange that supports dozens of cryptos.

These are some of the features which are attracting the users toward it. If you are new to the cryptocurrency trading world then it can be the best option for you to use. As it has one of the user-friendly platforms to store the currency.

Jaxx Supported coins

When you are using the Jaxx then you know that it supports multiple currencies. Here is the list of some of the major coins that are supported by it:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dash coin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum Classic
  • DAO
  • REP and many other coins.

So if you are storing the cryptocurrencies than this can be the best option for you. As you will be able to store multiple currencies in it at the same time.

Compatible with:

If you are thinking about the compatibility of the Jaxx then you should know that it is great. It is supported on various platforms like:

  • Windows, Apple and Linux desktop.
  • Android and iOS mobile and tablet
  • Google Chrome and Firefox extensions.

So basically Jaxx works on all the operating systems.

How much it can cost?

Most of the wallets cost the users quite a lot but this not the case with the Jaxx. As the person who is interested in using it can download it to the desktop and that also for free. But like other wallets, you have to pay the transactions charges which will go to the network that are running the cryptocurrency you are trading.

These transaction charges are also not quite high as compare to the other wallets. So if you are interested in storing the cryptocurrencies then you can use this wallet with ease.


Jaxx provides you “permissionless access” to the cryptocurrencies that you have stored. There is no need for the verification processor information. It does not collect any type of information while signing up.

You will be having complete control over the coins you are storing in your wallet. So the chances of losing control over the coins that are stored in the wallet are not possible. Even after this if you are facing the problems then the chances are that you have provided the key to the wallet.

So store the Jaxx supported coins in the wallet and trade according to your needs.

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